There are no easy jobs!

By: Thomas Ström 9/13/19

No demand for uneducated people –invest in education.

Let those with competencies from their home countries work in Sweden. Some of our politicians are saying that the persons who are far from the labor market today should take "easier jobs" with relatively low wages. This proposal does not make any sense to me.

What is an easier job, really? As I see it, there are no “easier” jobs in Sweden today. Some say that cleaning jobs are examples of easier jobs, for example, but it is by no means a simple job. In addition, we already have enough cleaners and if we were to classify this profession as a simpler job, it would automatically mean that the people already working within the industry would have to lower their existing wages for others to enter the labor market. How can that be fair?

No, we do not need any simple jobs in Sweden today. We have a high-tech industry together with all the surrounding businesses, who are screaming for qualified workers to withstand the continued positive development. Moreover, there are enormous recruitment needs in other industries, such as health care and the school. Consequently, we are lacking qualified workforces. This is despitethe fact that some of those who have moved to Sweden in recent years have the skills and are educated in their home countries, but are not allowed to work. This is incomprehensible to me. 

I also find it difficult to understand when companies have recruited specialists and experts for Swedish companies and then they get deported. I think the Swedish Migration Board has this all wrong.Why not take advantage of all immigrants who have proven to have high competence from their home countries. Then, for example, experienced surgeons would not have to sit in the squares in our small and medium-sized municipalities (eg Filipstad) and not know how to make the time go.

Well, what can you say? We are really bad at integration.

Thomas Ström