"The voters do not always know what’s in their best interest"

By: Thomas Ström 9/5/18

Power corrupts – the new proposal requires 20 000 new recruitments


Here’s an obvious observation – power corrupts.
The Social Democrats latest motion concerning an extra family week is among the worst pork barrels I've ever seen.
But this is what happens when you consider yourself untouchable and you believe you can do whatever you want.

Approximately 900 000 parents will take part of the family week. The state's cost is 5 billion, but what about the business sector? The companies’ cost is estimated to be somewhere between 32-40 billion SEK.
But it doesn’t stop there. Who will do the job instead of the one who is on leave? If this becomes a reality and everyone takes advantage of their family week, it will create another 20 000 jobs.
Where are you supposed to find these people? There are already major problems in some industries to find skilled people.
In the end, it will boil down to the Swedish industry losing in both production and delivery.
For God's sake, no. We can only hope that family week does not become reality.

Perhaps the incumbent government has the same attitude as the former Infrastructure Minister, who – in conjunction with some foolish motion – expressed this wonderful phrase: "the voters do not always know what’s in their best interest”. 

But she is probably not alone in feeling like this. I am convinced that a large number of all parliamentarians, regardless of party affiliation, sometimes share her attitude.

Looking at the problems in our society today, you can get truly pissed off. And the politicians just talk, talk and talk. They are not actually doing anything about the problems.

Within the business sector, we solve problems in order to progress, but within politics there is only talk.

On a different note, I cannot help but addressing another thing that really annoys me. Environmentalist Gustav Fridolin flies between Bromma and Arlanda. Yes, you read that correctly. I have very reliable sources that confirm the Minister of Education’s several flights between the two airports in the capital.
Is that to practice what you preach?