Reintroduce border controls between European countries

By: Thomas Ström 9/27/19

Shootings and executions in the street in the middle of the day, as well as a bombing in Denmark and a police shooting in Finland.

There you have some of the recent atrocities that the criminal networks in Sweden have committed.

Like many others, I am beginning to get tired of our politicians' lenience when it comes to criminal gangs and networks, who look at Sweden as a sanctuary without punishments.

Given what is happening all over Europe and not least in Sweden right now, I really think it is time for firmer times. Thisis why I think that border controls ought tobe reintroduced when it comes to people and goods. I do not mean that you should have to declare things, just introduce border controls.

Through police and customs, I do have good knowledge that large quantities of weapons and other illegal goods are being shipped to Sweden. Border controls would stop the possibility for the criminal networks to expand.

I am aware of the fact that this concerns a small group who are ruining it for the large mass, as many times before. The criminals from other countries are creating an incitement and suspicion towards everyone with foreign background –it is enough to visit our District courts and our Appeal Courts to confirm that. It has to stop!

The majority of our immigrants stay within the law. A lot of them are struggling with their education and work, and in many cases they are creating fantastic careers for themselves.

Let those who have legitimate asylum reasons and want to becomepart of the Swedish model stay, and focus on deportingall newly arrived immigrants who commit crimes. And as previously stated –reintroduce border controls between all European countries.

Thomas Ström