So unnecessary!

By: Thomas Ström 5/6/16

In the past, firefighters died in fires
– now they die due to lack of respect in traffic


It has now been a week since a firefighter died during a rescue operation on the E6 highway near Munkedal.
I was not far away when it happened. I had been farther north and was on my way to Gothenburg. I sat in the subsequent queues.
Afterwards I have been thinking quite a lot of the dead man's family, including a seven year old daughter. So damn unnecessary!

All because people are too busy, and the fact that in recent years an increasing amount of motorists do not display sufficient respect at accident sites – especially on roads with high speeds.
I have heard testimonials from rescuers and road workers about how they have had pyramidal signs overrun, and on slippery roads they have had cars sliding broadside against them. Clearly too many show lack of consideration in traffic.

This has led to firefighters no longer dying in fires, but on the roads when they are saving lives.
It has to stop now. In the long run, there is no gain for anyone, not even those who arrive ten minutes earlier due to lack of consideration at the scene of an accident or roadworks.

We can expect that the accident in Munkedal will have consequences. This was the third accident in a short time, in which a firefighter was killed in traffic. Now one after one, the fire and rescues services around the country are announcing that they will change the procedures in connection with traffic accidents. From now on, they will block the accident site both from behind and in front of the accident. I think it is absolutely right. After all – you are doing it to protect the victims and the emergency response personnel.

Let this be a wake-up call!
Take it easy in traffic and respect the people working alongside the roads!