Implement severe fines for discarded electric scooters!

By: Thomas Ström 9/11/20

It is difficult to avoid the fact that electric scooters have become a growing problem in a large number of our cities. They are thrown everywhere, for example on sidewalks, cycle paths and streets, and laying there they, among other things, lead to accidents among other road users. Not least for the visually and mobility impaired, they pose a great risk.

With that said, I wonder why the owners, i.e. the companies that rent out the electric scooters, are not fined for the electric scooters that are thrown everywhere? I am convinced that this would automatically create better order even with this vehicle. This would also be a perfect work for parking guards in large cities to take care of, especially now that fewer and fewer people are getting into the city center?

Another problem with these scooters, which SVT Rapport (a Swedish TV news programme) recently reported on, is the increased number of accidents with these scooters. In the report, both doctors and researchers alerted about the many facial and head injuries with "asphalt tattoos" and ugly scars, lasting the rest of the injured person's life. They wondered why people are not forced to wear helmets on electric scooters? I agree entirely.

The report also revealed that the majority of the injured come to the hospital between 22.00-02.00 during the weekends. This indicates that the cyclist has been under the influence of alcohol, which is associated with danger to life even for fellow road users.

Against this background, I wonder how one thinks when riding a vehicle like this with a large amount of alcohol in the blood? There is no difference between drunken driving. It's incomprehensible to me. If nothing is done about this, we will soon hear about fatal accidents as a result of drunken driving on an electric scooter.

Thomas Ström