"Three-dimensional tracking" with GPS transmitter in 550 trailers

By: Thomas Ström 9/16/16

NTEX has now invested in GPS transmitters, which will soon be placed in all of the company’s trailers. 
The plan is to have everything up and running before the end of the year. 

The background for the investment is that we want to be able to see where our trailers are at all times. In short, you could say that we have implemented a three-dimensional tracking; we know where they are, where they are going and what’s on board. 

By extension, this means that we will become even faster and more flexible when helping our customers. Our routers, who are planning the transports, will see the trailers’ exact whereabouts in real time and thereby easily reroute the one that is closest to pick up a newly-received order. 

Another positive effect the transmitters bring is that we can track trailers that have possibly been stolen. 
We have been spared over the years, but at times it has occurred. 
I specifically remember an incident a couple of years ago when the thieves were well-prepared. 

They shocked the alarm at the courtyard of our premises. Then they connected the trailers to truck tractors and left via The Öresund Bridge, whose consortium unfortunately is not very cooperative when it comes to these kinds of situations. At least then they weren’t, when we and the police wanted to obtain pictures. 
It should also be said that the Swedish police had little resources to deal with these types of crimes quickly, even then. 

However, the German and Lithuanian police did have these resources. Jointly they had done extensive research, which lead to them storming a giant facility in Lithuania. In this huge building, which was as big as a department store, they found loads of stolen luxury goods. There were mostly boats, cars and trucks, and our two trailers.
If something like this were to happen to us again, hopefully we can assist the police thanks to our GPS devices.