Government subsidies create an unfair competition among EU ports

By: Thomas Ström 11/28/14

It is not only here in Sweden we have difficulty finding fair and clear regulations regarding transporting goods. It is now clear that the EU Commission has not been able to develop common guidelines for the ports in Europe. Right now, the government subsidies varies and it is interpreted differently in every country which leads to an unfair competition.

The fact that the regulations for government subsidies are interpreted differently in every EU Member State is a public secret, says Gitte Small Lundbech, Head of the Danish Ports.  With this as background, it has been difficult – if not impossible – for the European Commission to develop common guidelines.  

The lack of common guidelines makes it possible in some countries to get subsidies for projects that will not be supported in others, and that some projects will receive subsidies from the EU but not from the country’s own government. The different conditions results in different pricings in each country. Therefore says Gitte Small Lundbech that there is a need to investigate and oversee the competition.

I can only agree. We need to have the same conditions in all EU countries!