Build Frölunda Indians’ new arena in Mölndal

By: Thomas Ström 8/7/15

NTEX understand the importance of sport, and is therefore a big supporter of Frölunda Hockey, and in particular Frölunda Indians, currently playing in Sweden’s highest hockey league. 
Frölunda Indians’ chairman, Mats Grauers, recently started a debate about building a new arena in Gothenburg. However, the politicians showed less than no interest in the debate.  

Because of this debate, I would recommend the association and its chairman Mast Grauers to ignore Gothenburg city, and instead talk to the neighbouring municipality and city, Mölndal. 
Nothing ever happens in Gothenburg. The politicians here are too inactive and ineffective. 

It seems to be different in Mölndal. They are building like crazy. And imagine what a multi-arena would mean for that municipality! People would realise that Mölndal is a city in itself, and a municipality in itself, and not a suburb to Gothenburg, as most people think today.  

Let the arena become a separate company and then let a number of stakeholders buy in to it. Everyone from the individual supporter to Astra Zeneca should have the opportunity. A multi-arena of this sort would be able to hold anything. Not only sport events, concerts, fairs and exhibitions but also a school and other scientific specialisations. If Astra Zeneca is in on the project they could for example do research in sports medicine. Imagine an arena with its own laboratory.