It’s one thing to use your cellphone with a hands-free while driving

By: Thomas Ström 5/30/16


But ban surfing the web behind the wheel and introduce severe punishments


I think it’s OK to talk on the phone using your hands-free while driving; but to send texts and e-mails or surf the web at the same time is completely unacceptable.
Against this background, I can’t help but wonder – how explicit is the traffic ordinance from December 2013?
Now, it’s time for its effect to be studied.
My position is crystal clear: introduce a clear prevention against surfing the web behind the wheel with severe punishments as a consequence.

This is the updated text since 2013: “You must not use the cell phone or any other communications devices in a way that will make you inattentive and therefore a traffic hazard while driving.” But who can determine and prove this?

During March and April this year, 31 people were killed and several hundred were seriously injured in road traffic. That’s four more deaths than during the same period last year. I’m convinced that one of the reasons is the so-called "surf the web behind the wheel".
I plea this conduct to be banned as quickly as possible and for those who violate the restriction to receive severe punishments.

An important conclusion, which I received from the Transport Agency, is that anyone who looks down at their phone for two seconds when driving at 40 km / h does not have a clue of what’s happening during 22 meters. They are completely lost – which could easily be equated with drug impaired drivers.

It would be interesting to partake of the statistics on the number of people that have been fined and lost their driver’s license since the current regulation was introduced. I believe the number is very low.

The rules are fuzzy for both the police and those driving. This ambiguity is also the reason that there are still many who do not have knowledge that the driver may not use his/her cell phone to send text messages, watch movies or surf the web while driving.
How else could you possibly explain that I see people on a daily basis – even professional drivers – using their phones while driving?

The refining in the traffic ordinance aimed to achieve a more secure use of communication while driving. Now the Transport Agency has been tasked by the government to evaluate if perhaps the change was inadequate.

The evaluation will be completed no later than the April 24, 2017.
I hope it will be completed faster than that. And as I said; just ban the shit already.

Photo: Pixabay