What is going to take so long before we get more and safer rest areas along our Swedish roads?

By: Thomas Ström 11/28/19

In my latest blog post I wrote that the Swedish Transport Administration has been given a government assignment to develop measures for safer parking areas along our Swedish roads. The Swedish Transport Administration's assignment is expected to be completed by 2029. Does it really have to take an entire decade? What is going to happen before then?

I respect that it will take time to gather information, perform analyses and create strategies and plans. But I’m hoping for actions long before then.

The entire industry, as well as transport buyers, the police, the Swedish Transport Administration and politicians agree that something has be done about the problem.

Why not start by implementing some of my and the industry's proposals for actions in parallel with investigations and the preparation of additional proposals and plans?

A number of good and simple suggestions that I, and many in the industry along with me, think that you can start with next year already are: 

  • Introduce camera surveillance on all existing rest areas with modern technology.
  • Quickly build a number of new rest areas adjacent to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
  • Convert provisional parking locations, which the drivers themselves have been forced to find in connection with the big cities, into permanent rest areas.
  • Provide these parking locations with toilets, sanitary facilities, lighting and camera surveillance.

 How hard can it be?!

If these things were to be carried out, I am convinced that we would see a reduction in the crimes at our rest areas and parking locations. We would get safer rest areas where our drivers would feel greater security while the society would save several costs.

Thomas Ström