The landlord will not acknowledge the lawsuit

By: Thomas Ström 11/6/15

– But for how long have their lawyers been working on the issue? 


In last week’s media we could read about the lawsuit we at NTEX filed against our previous landlord Hemfosa Fastigheter.
In the articles we could also read about representatives who expressed that they did not have any knowledge about the lawsuit nor the amount of 75 million SEK.

This is fairly odd since the process has been going on for quite some time and it is in the hands of theirs and our lawyers. The fact that they do not know anything about the lawsuit nor the amount has to mean that they do not have any communication whatsoever with their attorneys. Of course, this is not the case. They know exactly what is going on. But to act like this is right along Hemfosa’s strategy.

Long before the lawsuit was filed, we tried to contact our landlord by phone and e-mail in order for a sit down, where we could have sorted out what happened. All along, our ambition has been to try to reach a solution instead of a latching. But in this case, that has proven to be like throwing a coin down a bottomless well – you never hear the splash.

During this “ride” it has become very clear that Hemfosa often has conflicts with their tenants and just as often it ends with a legal process instead of, as many other property owners would have acted, try solving the problem in accordance with the tenant. Against this background it would be interesting to partake in their bookkeeping and see their costs for counsels.

I interpret Hemfosa’s actions as them being aware that they are wrong. This whole matter concerns the floor in the terminal we were renting and the fact that it did not comply with the lease we made. The concrete plate was inferior, which resulted in us not being able to conduct our business the way we planned.

A clear sign of this is that just after we moved out from the premises, they started to open up the floor. While doing so, it was revealed that some of the piles that are supposed to support the concrete plate, were no longer attached directly to the floor. Consequently, the floor was not anchored on the piles.

I thank our lucky stars that we were spared any major accidents and that we no longer have any business in the premises in question.