Invest in railroad – invest less in domestic sea freight

By: Thomas Ström 3/12/15

Sea freight to and from Sweden will increase in the future. However, when it comes to inland water transport, I am not as sure. I do believe it will be better to invest in a well developed and functioning railroad in combination with a upgraded and developed road network.

Sweden is situated on a peninsula and must therefore continue to use sea freight to and from the rest of the world. But it will be harder to boost inland water transport. For example, only two to three ships a day travel on the Göta River to Lake Vänern.  And the prognosis for the future indicates that the number will decrease.

The need for larger transports by railroad is larger than that of inland water transport. If we were to invest in upgrading and expanding the railroad, it would give us several advantages. Besides a quick and easy means of transport, it would create numerous job opportunities during the time of the expansion. It would also have a positive effect on the environment. When the expansion and upgrading is done, we would have an environmentally friendly transportation alternative to the roads, which also would be less burdened by heavy traffic.