Are we looking at an upturn in the business cycle?

By: Thomas Ström 9/25/14

The transport industry is among the first industries to notice shifts in the economy, due to the increase or decrease in orders. After an amazing summer when NTEX’s business was booming, with the exception of the first two weeks of August, which were calmer, it seems like business is here to stay. 

NTEX get new clients all the time, at the same time as many of our larger, existing clients indicated, after the summer, that they will have an even greater need in the future. In the past, this has been a leading indicator of an upcoming upturn in the business cycle. Maybe that is the case now as well. At least, let’s hope so. 

Moreover, I can’t help but talk about ice hockey, now that autumn really is here to stay. I saw the Indians first game against Brynäs at Scandinavium and I must say I am impressed. I have not seen the Gothenburg team Frölunda Indians so alert in a long time. Maybe there is an upturn on the way there as well. 

After the first game, they lost big to HV71, from Jönköping, won against Örebro after sudden death overtime and most recently won against Djurgården, from Stockholm, 2 to 1. I am excited to see how the season turns out for Roger Rönnberg and his boys and I will also tell you everything here.