Record in shipment and turnover

By: Thomas Ström 9/18/15

We are on a roll at NTEX. 
During the first eighth months of the year, our turnover has been better and we have transported more units than ever during the same period earlier. 

We have transported roughly 119 000 shipments between January and August, which is to be compared to the 96 000 we transported during the corresponding period in 2014. In money, this means a turnover increase of approximately 50 MSEK, from 630 to 680 MSEK. 

The main reason for this increase is that we have decided to transport break bulk cargo in Europe. The goal is to be able to cover all of Europe with this service in the near future. This is also the reason we have initiated partnerships with new agents in Belgium as well as Germany this year. 

Noteworthy in the context is the fact that we are continuing to grow in Great Britain, where we are already one of the largest actors on the market. Although we have seen a downswing the last months due to the strong pound, we still have a significant increase this year when it comes to the number of shipments and turnover. 

Our sea and air freight department is also increasing all over the world. We have made a conscious investment in new customers and our existing customers are realizing that we can care for all of their transports, not only within Europe. 

A lot of customers who switch to NTEX notice that we can offer the same things as the others - only better. I dare say it, because at NTEX we generally follow up on all of our customers and make sure that they know where their shipments are at all times. Moreover, we are always there as an interlocutor to solve the customers' problems. 
We work hard to be able to offer high flexibility and great service.