Why is an extension of Arlanda needed?

By: Thomas Ström 6/13/17

Keep Bromma Airport and re-open Säve


Corporate aviation is increasing throughout Europe.
The biggest reason is efficiency and time.
Thanks to their own aircrafts, several companies can do a lot more business – especially companies in countries and cities that cannot offer as many international direct flights.
In addition, if several companies collaborate and fill the plane with passengers from several players with the same needs, it will also be cost-effective.

But this has been overlooked in Sweden. Instead, here Säve airport is shut down, while also discussing a closure of Bromma; the two airports where we have had and have the most corporate flights in the country.
I think this is completely wrong.
Keep Bromma and start a City Airport in Gothenburg. They are needed to enable us to move quickly.
Both Bromma and Säve are also important from a societal perspective, for the police, coast guard, ambulance and rescue helicopters. Säve has also served as an alternate airport for when there is fog at Landvetter, which often is the case. Nowadays, you fly from Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm.

In my world, doing business is about meeting other people and getting things done as quickly as possible. It is not reasonable to start your trip for the day with the shuttle to Arlanda, only to finally arrive seven hours after everyone else. With a private jet right from Bromma it would take half that time.

Swedavia, which owns and operates our Swedish airports, has renounced and dropped Säve airport – in a very strange way to say the least – in order to get all traffic to Landvetter and to get as many coordination benefits as possible.
I have written about it previously and I will continue writing about it.

In Stockholm, the same company wants to concentrate all air traffic to Arlanda. Some time ago, they called for a press conference, where they talked about how they wish to expand the airport in order to take the lead in the Nordics. They want to build more runways and basically become the largest.

I don’t understand. Kastrup in Copenhagen has fewer runways than Arlanda. Nevertheless, they handle significantly more traffic. Everything seems to concern Swedavia’s desire to be the biggest. But as long as the Danes handle their big airport the way they do, no more airlines will move from there to Stockholm. At the best they will complement, but the fact is that they could already do that today. There is capacity available for it.

As part of the development of Arlanda, Swedavia wants to shut down Bromma, just as they did with Säve in Gothenburg. This will happen at the expense of the smaller airplanes, such as business jets.
I strongly oppose to this. Both airports are needed in Stockholm and the same applies in Gothenburg.