By: Thomas Ström 5/18/15

However, I will gladly help them come up with solutions on how to make trucking attractive


I have already asked this, but here it goes again: 
Who will drive our trucks in the future?
I look at the driver of every truck I meet on the road and very few of them are young. The development is worrisome. Very few youths decide to work as a trucker.

How do we solve this problem?
I have no idea, since this is not a problem throughout the country. Youths are more likely to work as truckers in smaller towns and villages while it is unthinkable for young people from the bigger cities to choose this occupation. At the same time, salaries differ between countries in the European Union, further complicating the situation.

Why not go for immigrants, arriving from other countries?
We will then have to fight the competition that exists within the EU. Swedish companies do not want to pay more for their transportation than competitors on the continent do.

Whose problem is it to solve?
I think the politicians must step up and invite all the players involved, such as industry organisations, professional colleges and businesses, to a joint discussion. Then, I believe that a solution can be worked out. I would gladly join such a discussion group.