Limit Postnords possibilities in a new directive!

By: Thomas Ström 12/18/15

In connection with the Retail Trade’s Logistics Day in Stockholm a few weeks ago Erik Ottosson, a Member of Parliament, spoke about a new motion.
The motion concerns the fact that the state as an owner clearly has to explain to Postnord's management that it is not right that the company is taking over a growing share of activities currently conducted by private operators.
This is because of a new owner directive, which is now being drafted. 

I think that it’s positive that this is really put under the microscope. Several times in my blog, I have pointed out how state companies are destroying an already highly competitive industry. Sure, I speak on my own behalf, but I know I'm not the only one who thinks along these lines.
Many in the industry with me do not believe that these companies should get extended capabilities. Instead, they should have restrictions!
They could eliminate competition by offering unhealthy conditions.

An obvious example is the transports from Sweden to Continental Europe.
These state-owned companies can provide transports that they do not have to finance themselves. They can make losses and still get the business in order by using government subsidies.

This is very provocative given that we have other carriers and shippers already subsidizing the export traffic for Swedish business to the rest of Europe. The fact of the matter is that it’s cheaper to send a shuttle from Stockholm to Hanover than it is to send a rig from Hamburg to the same final destination.

The reason for us in the Swedish transport sector to still be doing these transports is that we have to get our vehicles to the continent in order to offer transport to Sweden. It is on these transports we earn our money, which helps to cover our costs.
If Postnord and similar state companies are offering even lower rates, soon the rest of us will not be able to participate at all.