Interesting visits at Volvo Ocean Race and Almedalsveckan

By: Thomas Ström 6/30/15

Last week, there was a big happening at the harbour in Gothenburg, the final leg of Volvo Ocean Race. After nine months at sea the teams crossed the finish line in Gothenburg. I must say, Volvo managed to create an amazing event.

During the year I have had the privilege to be both in the US (Newport) and Portugal (Lisbon) with Volvo and receive the boats as they came in. Therefore, it was extra special to be part of the festival in Gothenburg. Personally, Saturday was the best day since that is when I had the opportunity to follow the in-harbour race. Once again, with Volvo as a host.

I am impressed by how they take care of their customers throughout the day with fantastic results. Customers are overwhelmed, whether they like sailing or not. Then I was told that Volvo may have a turnover of five times the money in the ROI (return of investment). I can only congratulate them. 

This week, I will focus on Almedalsveckan, which is considered the most important forum in Swedish politics. I arrived on Gotland on Monday and will be here until the end of the week. All organisations, politicians and interest groups in our and related industries are represented here. There will be a lot of exciting workshops and speakers that I will listen to. I will recap some of it here in coming blog entries.

One thing is certain; I will not listen to our Deputy Minister, also environment minister, Åsa Romson (Green Party). After the paint debacle, there is simply no trust left. Imagine being a spokesperson for the Green Party in this time and age and still paint ones boats with copper colour? Then she makes up various unintelligent excuses that easily can be checked. 
They never learn...