I'm finally starting to believe in a new railway between Gothenburg and Oslo

By: Thomas Ström 12/19/16

For years, I have talked about the weight of developing the railway between Oslo and Gothenburg and later on also to Copenhagen.
I cannot understand that no Swedish member of parliament has pursued the matter.
The fact is that lately all Swedish infrastructure ministers, regardless of political affiliation, have dodged the question when it has been discussed.
In these days it is quite remarkable, especially considering that our present Infrastructure Minister, Anna Johansson (s), is from Gothenburg.

But now it seems that the railway might still happen. Recently I received information about a group of business representatives from both Sweden and Norway that have started to push the issue.

I really hope that this group will succeed in their pursuit. An expansion would bring enormous benefits for the environment and the general human perspective in the form of fewer traffic accidents. Moreover, the economic development between Sweden and Norway would be strengthened.

Consider that 2 700 trucks pass across the border on E6 every day. This means a doubling in 20 years. Meanwhile, freight transport on the railway between the two cities is relatively small. The fact is that volumes are more or less the same as in the 80's!

From the information I read I also gathered that the Norwegian Jernbaneverket received 150 million NOK in order to, together with the Swedish Transport Administration, investigate how the capacity for freight and passenger traffic may increase in the short and long term between Oslo and Gothenburg. It is clear that Norway is willing to invest in the expansion and at the same time the Swedish Transport Administration is familiar with the issue.

Therefore I would urge the Swedish Transport Administration to use their skills to convince the government and Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson (S) that this stretch needs to be expanded urgently.

To be continued.