Expand the railway between Gothenburg and Oslo now!

By: Thomas Ström 1/12/17

I will continue where I left off in one of my previous blog posts;
Expand the railway between Oslo and Gothenburg NOW!

Since the latest post, I have acquired even more background info.
For example, what do you think about the fact that the train journey between these cities takes about four hours, and that the average speed is 80 km / h?
Or that the worst-maintained stretch between Halden and Öxnered is a single-track railway from the 1800s?

An extension of the route to high speed standards would, according to reliable sources, cost about 20 billion SEK.
If the Norwegians would expand between Oslo and Halden while Sweden upgrades the stretch on the Swedish side, the trains will be able to run at 250 km / h. That would mean that the travel time is reduced to just over one and a half hours and a very high social benefit would be implemented.

This cost and time savings should be compared with other high-speed expansions now being discussed widely in Sweden, which are expected to cost somewhere between190-320 billion SEK. According to some experts, it is going to cost even more.

Against this background, it is certainly legitimate to question how the politicians think.

If you also consider that the expansion of the railway between Gothenburg and Oslo – something  I’ve have been very well-informed about from very reliable sources – would pay off just as well as the Öresund Bridge has done, it is completely incomprehensible that no politician operates this issue.
Please, Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson.
Start this project now!