Expand Säve Airport and move the terminal buildings to Norrleden!

By: Thomas Ström 9/25/15

It has now been a few months since the larger planes traffic was stopped at Säve Airport. 
The reason for the closure was, according to Swedavia, that the landing strip and the parking spaces for the aircrafts needed to be repaired for a quarter of a billion, i.e. 250 MSEK. 

If that was the reason, or if there were maybe other reasons that made the previous co-owners – Volvo, Ericsson and Gothenburg Municipality – sell their shares for 1 SEK apiece, I don’t know. Either way, I believe this trio made a bad deal. 

I have talked to some people in the industry who have inspected the airport, and they are convinced that a necessary renovation should cost no more than 50 MSEK. 

Considering this background, I believe that the people who are going to buy Säve from Swedavia should invest in expanding Säve. 
Make it a proper city airport. Compared to how it looks today, I think that the terminal buildings, parking spaces etc. should be moved to the opposite side of the landing strip. This way, the airport would be very easily accessed with entrances and exits directly from Norrleden. 

It would be a boost for the whole city and it would help us avoid long queues and car park problems at Landvetter for a few more years. When it comes to the latter – after the summer I have heard more and more people complaining about the fact that they have had difficulties finding parking lots at Landvetter. 

Furthermore, I think monopolies are never a good idea. 
As a transporter, I would happily be the only actor on the market. But would that help us improve for the customers? Hardly!