This autumn we will be part of a major EU project in collaboration with Chalmers

By: Thomas Ström 8/31/16

From the 1st of September, we will be part of a large EU project.
The objective of the project is to create a digital ecosystem, where transport operators can share information with each other in a much easier way than how it is done today.
The total budget for the project is 16 million euros, and NTEX part consists of 250 000 euros.

Along with Chalmers we will handle one of eleven "living labs", where there’ll be research and development in parallel with the regular ongoing activities.
- Together we will be a part of a process that creates an infrastructure where it is possible to pursue both development and research in a structured way, says Per Olof Arnäs, lecturer at Chalmers.
- In practice this means that we have our staff with us and develop the systems on site, in order to collect and analyze data.
- During three years, we will build, test and further develop the digital ecosystem.

In total, the project includes 34 different partners. Chalmers is one of four research institutions in the project and the only one from Scandinavia, while NTEX is one of two Swedish companies.
- One of these living labs will be hosted by NTEX, but the location has not been decided yet, says Per Olof Arnäs.
For NTEX, this means that we can develop a system solution for digitizing the process and the exchange of information between the driver and the terminal. It will also facilitate the sharing of information to Customs in order to streamline the border crossing to Norway.