Swedish hauliers need truckers – but no one wants the job

By: Thomas Ström 2/3/15

In a survey carried out on behalf of the non-profit association TYA, the Vocational Training and Working Environment Council (Transport Trades), in the fall of 2014, it was discovered that 24 percent of the 820 companies asked are in need of hiring new staff. I think this is great news.

There is only one problem. We are in great need of truckers here in Sweden. The average age of Swedish truckers is over 50. Whether one agrees or disagrees with employing foreign truckers, it is necessary to keep the Swedish industry running.

The industry would have been in greater trouble had it not been for foreign workforce, since Swedish 20-year-olds do not want to work as truckers, which becomes apparent when looking at the taxi and public transportation services. When I was young, driving a taxi was considered cool. Today’s youth do not share this feeling.

I do not know how to attract youths to a life on the road; however I do believe it is a question politicians, trade associations, higher vocational education colleges and the industry as a whole should focus on. I would gladly be a part of such a working group.

Footnote: The survey was carried out in the period October to December of 2014 and comprised of hauliers that are members of the Swedish Road Transport Employers’ Association and employ truckers. 958 hauliers were sent the survey and 820 answered, which gives a response rate of 84 percent.